Making of Grammar Shorts

This short article discusses the project to produce videos that help the university students at King Faisal University to master the grammar that is presented in their text books. Part of Shabaka Training’s current e-learning initiative is to create specialised interactive media objects for students in their context. That means making learning material that is targeted at our students. There are currently instructors on the bill for this project, we provide them with bonus remuneration for their efforts in this area. We hope that it’s a good experience for everyone involved.

The videos are made using a Canon 600D with attached lapel mic, a PC screen is captured and laid in as the background. Professional video editing software is used to put the final product together, that includes intro/outro animations. There are 25 now and by the end of production the number will reach nearly 40. Without further ado: See below examples of our latest work – one from each of our best instructional designers:

The clear well-shot video and crisp audio from the Canon 600D means no awkward looking angles and seamless viewing every time. Some have mentioned that the video is unnecessary, but I feel that it brings life and interest to the grammar – so badly needed for distance learners. It also gives visual cues that help ESL students with their pronunciation.

At first we were going to hide Jessica completely and only have her voice over, but the Dean of the PYD encouraged me to let her face come to the surface. This makeshift Hijab resulted from a scarf I purchase on vacation.

This series of videos is to be presented to students in their LMS with grammar mastery questions quizzed in the same system. It’s originally Khan Academy inspired, but we are not innovating yet, just taking it slowly. This proposed configuration for the release in the LMS is under question and something unexpectedly interesting might come out of it, however, I see them as essential building blocks for university courses of the future. Maybe not these videos exactly, but the process of designing videos for students with their own teachers, making being a professor even more like a celebrity if it wasn’t enough so already.

Do you have any thoughts on the best way we might use these videos in our Moodle platform? Please leave a comment.