Academic Partnership

Thompson River University, Canada

To present a strong and powerful English program, SHABAKA builds an academic partnership with Thompson River University from Canada, which has established an extensive list of educational programs.

Thompson Rivers University is a public, degree-granting institution with an extensive body of university and college programs and a history of international activity that dates back over twenty years. Both in Canada and abroad, TRU provides training and consulting services for, and participates in a wide range of collaborative activities with, government, non-governmental organizations, institutions and corporations. International projects and linkages currently extend to more than 20 countries.

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is located in the city of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The TRU region has a rich variety of recreational opportunities including skiing, horse riding, fishing, sailing, swimming, and golf. The safe, friendly environment, combined with a spectacular natural setting, help to make Kamloops an ideal destination for international students.

Founded in 1970, TRU is a medium sized, publicly funded university with 23,000 full and part time students. In addition to its undergraduate and graduate programs, it offers a wide range of diploma and certificate programs in a variety of professions and skilled trades. This unique program mix reflects its early years as a community college and its past fifteen years as a predominantly undergraduate institution.

TRU has developed considerable expertise in the design and delivery of customized training programs for specific client groups over the past 23 years. These programs are delivered either at the main TRU campus in Kamloops, in the surrounding communities and/or in the client’s home country. Customized training programs range in length from two weeks to ten months, and may involve a single student group or several groups totalling, in some cases, hundreds of trainees.

Summer English Immersion Program:


SHABAKA organizes a six week summer English immersion program with the cooperation and execution of Thompson River University at Kamloops in Canada.

The purpose of the program is to improve the overall English skills of the Saudi students through class room instructions, integrated activities and home-stay experiences. The program will build upon the students’ existing language skill level, with the focus on improving their ability to communicate in English.

The participants will also develop better understanding of Canadian culture and customs as well as the culture and customs of students from other countries.


Classroom instruction:

  • Develop the English language skills and knowledge
  • Learn communicative strategies
  • Study about Canada and Kamloops and Canadian cultural components.

Educational and cultural activities:

  • Practice what is learned in the classroom in an authentic setting.
  • Participate in recreational activities typical to Canada.
  • Interact with Canadians.
  • Learn about the cultures from countries other than Canada.


  • Experience Canadian culture, food and lifestyles.
  • Opportunity to practice speaking and listening to English and to better experience Canadian culture.
  • Develop friends
  • The Homestay experience permits a “total immersion” environment. This enhances the learner’s ability to make faster progress in their English language.