Academic Referral Policies

Academic Referral Policies

PYD EP teachers who are concerned about certain aspects of a student’s performance and conduct may notify the student and the PYD EP administration via several avenues:


Teachers concerned about a student’s academic performance may utilize the KFU PYD Student Improvement Plan. The areas of concern a teacher may identify on this sheet are attendance, quizzes, writing assignments, participation, behavior, tests, or other areas and specific problems. An individualized plan is created with the student, teacher, and the Academic Director and/or Operations Director, and students should keep track of student progress at the conclusion of every week. A Final Report is composed to record and analyze reasons for the student’s poor performance, if necessary.


Behavior issues that arise may be logged by a teacher via Behavior Warning sheets. The first warning warrants a meeting with the student’s teacher to create an action plan for improving the student’s behavior. The student will be warned that additional acts of misconduct may lead to more severe action. A second warning merits a meeting with a member of the PYD EP administration, and an action plan for improving the behavior will be created. A third warning results in a meeting with the Dean of the PYD to discuss an action plan.

Suspension and expulsion from the program are not within the realm of jurisdiction of PYD EP management and staff, but is the decision of the Dean of the PYD.


Attendance warnings are given to students if they have missed ten percent of their English classes. They are referred to support staff members if they need to submit late and/or absent excuses. If the student has been absent for fifteen percent of the classes without receiving any dismissal of the absences, he or she will be forbidden from taking the final examination.


Referrals should contain the name of the student being referred, the specific conduct, specific evidence of the deficiency, the name and signature of the teacher, and the date of the referral. All referrals are submitted by teachers to support staff members, who forward them to the Dean and any other relevant individuals. A copy is kept with support staff members.