New Teacher Mentor Policy

New Teacher Mentor Policy

PYD EP is committed to the advancement and mentoring of all its teachers, especially those joining the staff for the first time, and its policy is to provide effective mentoring to these new faculty members.

PYD EP believes policy regarding teachers joining its staff for the first year is necessary not simply to help these staff members adapt to its methodologies and pedagogies, but also to help these staff members adjust to living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which can prove to be a difficult task. Life in KSA is a totally new experience for many individuals, especially those from Western nations that are unfamiliar with Islamic customs and laws. Saudi Arabia has a very strict, conservative view of the world. Men and women are segregated in most activities (including education); driving is not allowed for women; non-Muslim religions cannot be practiced in public; there are no movie theaters; and alcohol and pork are illegal. Therefore, making sure these teachers understand not only how to teach at PYD EP but also how to live in KSA is essential.

Mentoring can be formal and informal, can be about every feature of academic life, and can include professional development, conferences, social events, and one-on-one mentoring between more senior members of the teaching staff and teachers joining the staff for the first time.

More formal aspects of this mentoring is in the form of presentations. New teachers view presentations regarding the module system, quarter system, grade explanation, the syllabus, classroom management, and other facets of the program. New Team Leaders are given a hard copy of the Team Leader FAQ, and in the second session of the orientation, new faculty members meet with their Team Leaders for welcoming meetings. Finally, new teachers participate in presentations regarding visas and Saudi culture.

Presently, there is no formal PYD EP policy in which there is a pairing of a more senior faculty mentor with a novice teacher, but the program is exploring the possibility of including one.