Staff Performance Appraisal


King Faisal University

Preparatory Year Deanship English Program Administrator Performance Appraisal




  • Performance is in line with the program’s mission
  • Meets all deadlines
  • Demonstrates familiarity of program policies and procedures
  • Anticipates difficulties and recommends a variety of solutions
  • Corresponds with other members of the program’s management
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Exceptional (E): Achieved exceptional level of performance in a way that is deeply valuable to the program, its team, and its students. Exceeds requirements of the role, and does so even when the tasks are challenging. Consistently works to improve the program and ensure it is meeting its mission.

Meets expectations (M): All requirements of the role are consistently met, with minimal errors. Fully meets the expectations of the job, requiring only standard management. Completes assignments on time.

Improvement needed (I): Role requirements are usually met but are inconsistent. Some other performance features not met. Requires more supervision to ensure the administrator fully understands all aspects of the position.

Unsatisfactory (U): Consistently fails to meet job expectations. Improvement needed is significant. Corrective action needed.


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I have reviewed this appraisal with my supervisor, and I have been advised of my performance.



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