Student Complaint Procedure

Student Complaint Procedure

A formal complaint is a student’s expression of dissatisfaction because the student feels that his or her rights and interests have been negatively impacted by either a PYD EP teacher or because of one of the program’s policies.

The topics that are subject to complaints are the size of the student’s class, the ability to view a test after receiving a failing grade, issuing a complaint about their grade(s), Moodle support, other complaints and general enquiries. Any non-failing grade does not warrant a justified academic appeal, and it will not be accepted. An academic appeal can regard an error in grade calculation, but a disagreement regarding the instructor’s professional opinion will not be heard.

Students may find procedures to lodge complaints in writing on the Shabaka Training website, the online syllabus, and on hard copies which are posted openly throughout the halls of the first floor of building 27 and building 62.

Students are able to file a formal complaint if they have been unsuccessful at resolving their issue informally with their teacher or appropriate member of staff, or if the nature of the issue cannot be solved informally. PYD EP aims to be fair and efficient in this process, and PYD EP management staff will investigate the matter promptly.

The following is a list of procedures PDY EP follows when a formal complaint is issued.

  • The investigation may include the complaining party and other parties (such as PYD EP staff members) involved.
  • If the formal complaint involves a teacher’s pedagogical practice and/or classroom behavior, the teacher’s Team Leader may be informed of the issue and decision.
  • Decisions will be made available to all parties involved orally. If necessary, a conference may be required to discuss the issue with multiple parties if appropriate.
  • Appeals may be directed to the Preparatory Year Program Dean.
  • A record of complaints is maintained by PYD EP support staff.

If a student has a more serious grievance, the student may use King Faisal University’s procedure, found at this website.