Teaching Class Assignment Procedure

Teaching Class Assignment

Purpose: To ensure that PYD EP has a stable, transparent, and fair process of allocating teaching assignments on a quarterly basis.

This procedure is known as the Teaching Class Assignment process, or TCA.


The contract with KFU calls for 16 contact hours per week, thereby requiring every teacher to teach for four contact hours every day, as well as lesson plan and/or provide other contributions during two office hours per day from Sunday to Wednesday. Thursday tests generally last two hours, and proctoring assignments are given by teachers’ Team Leaders. Teaching assignments are considered primarily on the teacher’s previous contributions they have made in teaching, related activities, and service.

Every determination will be made to assign teaching duties in a rational and fair way, and will attempt to accomplish the following:

  • assigning classes that are most appropriate for certain teachers
  • minimizing odious comparisons among the teaching staff regarding duties
  • attempting to ensure that all teachers have as reasonable amount of students as possible, with ideally no more than 25 students

If a teacher disagrees with his or her assignment, the teacher may meet with the Assistant Director to discuss the disparity. If the teacher is still dissatisfied, then a committee of three teaching staff members (including one Team Leader) will be selected to hear the case, and then make a recommendation for the Program Director.

If a teacher has a specific teaching assignment request, he or she should contact the Assistant Director on the male or female side at least eight weeks before the quarter begins. If a teacher has a disability or temporary impairment (and any limitations the disability or impairment presents) that affects TCA, the teacher should provide the Program Director with the appropriate medical documentation so he can plan accordingly.

It is understood that TCA might change over time, with developments being added if needed.